Visual Benediction

I AM here. I still AM.
Be confident, beloved, rest assured

for I Am among the givers and takers;

afflicters and afflicted;

the self-less, and the selfish.

I know by name

the run-and-hiders and surrenderers,

masked avengers and offenders

I am with you as you prioritize Me, and when you put your way first—

I AM here. I still Am.

I met Moses on the mountaintop, and sought Aaron at its base

and I will be with you in your highs and lows.

No one is missed! No one can hide!

Christ is My sight, My viewpoint;

the lens for My vision of Fatherhood.

My presence is always now,

and now is what matters.

I am with you now.

(and now.)

So, trust Me when you can.

I cover you, even when you can’t.

I continue to pursue you,

to love and free you

and welcome you into My now

where I AM, always.