October 18, 2018

Mercy Street will meet this Saturday, October 20th at 5:30pm at Lakeland Community Church in Lee’s Summit.  We will continue exploring Step One.

As we’ve been reflecting on the past nine years, this passage from Hunger for Healing feels particularly relevant:

“In our humanity we often want a “spiritual program” that is logical, one we can add up like a column of figures and get a sum  But the Twelve Steps program is a lot more like making pickles than it is like doing sums.  You cannot analyze cucumbers or even sprinkle them with salt to make pickles.  You have to soak them in the salt water.  And to get into recovery through the Twelve Steps one must “soak” in the process and meetings of the Twelve Step program.  Over the months you begin to absorb things you are unaware you are absorbing, and one day you become conscious that you are a “pickle,” a different kind of person permeated with a new sort of serenity and love, a different kind of humility, and a different kind of openness.”

Last weekend there was a handout on “adulting” tips.  Below is the first one on healthier ways to respond to requests.  We don’t have to say YES to everything.  We are allowed to say NO.  We are also allowed to change our minds!

Adulting Tip 1

We will have more of these tips in the coming weeks.  Thanks to the Refuge for this info!


If you have any questions please feel free to leave an annonymous comment below or you may send questions via e-mail to mercystreetkc (at) gmail.com  Your information will always be kept confidential.


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