Meeting Cancelled!

Our meeting tonight, January 12th, is cancelled due to weather.

We can continue to learn about Step Four, even though we won’t be face to face tonight.

An excerpt on Step Four from A Hunger for Healing, by J. Keith Miller:

“Working Step Four can be the beginning of lasting character changes.  We’ve committed our life and our will to God to the extent we can, and now we are going to clean house spiritually to find out why we are at war within ourselves and with the people close to us.  By doing the next few steps we can uncover denied Sin-behaviors and character defects that have blocked our spiritual growth.  This same Sin is at the root of our dishonesty and our critical, intolerant spirit and our exaggerated feelings of anger, guilt, self-pity, pain, shame, grandiosity, and jealousy. I never saw that these inner problems were what were making me miserable.  They were just “invisible” discomforts that other people sometimes saw and were affected by but that I couldn’t isolate as being problems caused by my behavior and attitudes.”

Articles on Step Four, by the NACR:

Step Four – by Dale and Juanita Ryan

Four Kinds of Moral Inventory – by James Ryan

And as mentioned last week, the Step Four video on resentments can be found here.

If you need to talk with someone please don’t hesitate to contact another group member or send an e-mail to mercystreetkc (at) gmail.com.  Recovery continues no matter the weather!

Everyone stay safe and warm tonight!


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