Step 6

Virtual Meeting – 03.21.20

Mercy Street is going virtual!  Tonight we will meet via Zoom.  If you have not used Zoom before it is a video conferencing system that allows people to gather from wherever they are located.

To get started, go to and set up a free account.  You can also download the Zoom app to your phone or tablet.  We will have three separate Zoom meetings tonight.  The first is for the large group portion of the meeting and is for everyone.  The other two are separate Zoom meetings for the women’s and men’s sharing time.

To log into the Zoom meetings you will need the meeting ID or URL listed below.  The schedule will be as follows:

5:30 – Large Group
Meeting ID: 585-377-679

6:15 – Women’s and Men’s separate sharing time

*Note you will need to log out of the first meeting and log into either the women’s or men’s meeting

Women’s Meeting
Meeting ID: 460-168-390

Men’s Meeting
Meeting ID: 791-280-316

We are unable to stream videos during the meeting with high enough quality.  Therefore please watch the following videos before the large group meeting starts at 5:30pm.

Feel What You Feel – featuring Dale Ryan

Does Your Heart Break – Dayspring of Life

As you watch these videos reflect on what you may be grieving right now.  There is a lot of grief in the world other than sickness – cancelled trips, parties, school years, proms, graduations, sporting events, etc.

*Note that these videos are only posted here temporarily.  The links will be removed after the meeting.

So bring your coffee, bring your dinner, wear your sweatpants and join us for the first ever virtual Mercy Street meeting!  See you tonight!


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