Step 6

Virtual Meeting – 03.28.20

Please join us for a virtual Mercy Street meeting tonight at 5:30pm via Zoom.  We will finish up with Step 6.  Meeting information is below.

As a reminder, our Small Group Guidelines remain intact for virtual meetings.  To keep our confidentiality and anonymity guideline in place as we meet virtually, try and find a private, quiet place to join the meeting and consider using headphones.  We have found that headphones improve the audio quality and are often preferred.


This week we will allow time to watch the following videos during our large group time, as we would when we meet in person.  Unfortunately we are not able to stream them through the Zoom meeting as the quality is low and distracts from the message.

When you join the meeting tonight, please open a separate browser window and come back to this page.  When it is time to watch the videos we will each watch them separately on our own devices using the links below, then return to the meeting in silence.  There is no need to close out of the Zoom meeting, just mute your audio.

Preparing for More – Dale Ryan

Learning to be Loved – Stanley Hauerwas


5:30pm – Large Group

Meeting ID: 585-377-679

6:15pm – Women’s and Men’s separate share groups

Men’s Group
Meeting ID: 791-280-316

Women’s Group A
Meeting ID: 460-168-390

Women’s Group B
Meeting ID: 904-649-351

If you have not used Zoom before, go to and set up a free account.  You will then be able to join the meetings via your computer.  You can also download the Zoom app to your phone or tablet.


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