Virtual Meeting

Mid-Week Check-In – 05.27.20

A passage from Glennon Doyle’s book Untamed, where she talks about going to a recovery meeting:

“I was embarrassed to tell anyone how much I hurt, but I decided to try to explain it to the people in that circle.  They were the first people I trusted with all of me, because they were the first people I ever heard tell the whole truth.  They had shown me their insides so I showed them mine.  I said something like, ‘I’m Glennon, and I’ve been sober for six days.  I feel awful.  I think this awfulness is why I started drinking in the first place.  I’m starting to worry that what was wrong with me wasn’t the booze; it was underneath.  It was me.  It doesn’t seem like being alive is as hard for other people as it is for me.  It just feels like there’s some kind of secret to life I don’t know.  Like I’m doing it wrong.  Thanks for listening.’

“After the meeting ended, a woman walked over and sat down next to me.  She said, ‘Thanks for sharing.  I relate.  I just wanted to tell you something that somebody told me in the beginning.  It’s okay to feel all of the stuff you’re feeling.  You’re just becoming human again.  You’re not doing life wrong; you’re doing it right.  If there’s any secret you’re missing, it’s that doing it right it just really hard.  Feeling all your feelings is hard, but that’s what they’re for.  Feelings are for feeling.  All of them.  Even the hard ones.  The secret is that you’re doing it right, and that doing it right hurts sometimes.'”


Please join us on Wednesday, May 27th at 7:30pm for a mid-week check-in meeting.  Zoom meeting details are below.

We will follow our Small Group Guidelines during the meeting tomorrow night.

We will have a time of sharing for 30-45 minutes.


Topic: Mercy Street – mid-week check-in
Time: May 27, 2020 07:30 PM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 955 7790 7055
Password: 626197


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